Are You Looking For A New TV Stand ? 10 New Styles Right Here

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Amazing style

More and more TV stands are being used to hold the sort of powerful televisions that would have seemed like mere sci-fi fantasy a few decades ago. You don’t want your beautiful sixty-inch ultra high definition plasma TV set to be supported by some old, rickety, ugly stand, right? It creates an inconsistency of style in your home. Your stand should look gorgeous and modern.

Monacco White Wall Mounted TV Unit Living Room Set with LED Lights

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A lot of storage

Televisions have more peripheral equipment to them than ever before. Several generations of great gaming consoles; libraries of DVDs and Blu-Rays; digital boxes for the best TV services. It all needs to be stored somewhere, and the closer to the television, the better!

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Budapest Lowboard TV Stand in Matt White And Oak


The bigger they are, the harder they fall; this adage is very much worth keeping in mind when it comes to modern televisions, which are getting bigger and more affordable all the time. Your stand should be able to take a light knock without sending the TV to the floor.

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Buckingham Oak Wood Retro TV Cabinet



So where exactly do you need your TV stand placed? There are some stands out there that are simply too big for certain environments; this is why you should take care to look for smaller sizes and corner cabinets.

Design consistency

Got a minimalist home? Perhaps something sleek featuring the likes of incandescent metal or gloss TV stands will fit with your living room. Perhaps your home is more rustic; in which case, a wooden TV stand will be for you. A good TV stand is consistent with the aesthetic of the rest of your home!
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Adjustable shelving

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Adjustable shelving is more common in TV stands that ever thanks to ever-changing needs. Adjustable shelving helps ensure you don’t have a device awkwardly sitting on the floor or right next to the TV!


You don’t want to buy a TV set that’s going to look chipped and damaged after a few months of use! A good stand is durable; after all, it may be with you through a number of home moves, so it will probably take a few knocks in its lifetime!

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Cable management

More tech than ever means more cables than ever! These create both fire and tripping hazards, when they’re not simply being a nuisance to sort through. Good TV stands have a lot of room for cable placement, and some even feature sorted holes for cable management.


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All these devices can get pretty darn hot, so you need to take care to ensure that the TV stand you’re purchasing allows for air to pass through. Something that just allows heat to build up in cramped spaces can result in damage to your devices.

IR friendly surfaces

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All the best glass TV stands are created with materials that are friendly for IR light - that’s infrared light, by the way. It’s what allows the remote control waves to reach your television and other devices. A surface that doesn’t allow for this can create more work for you!


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