Fascinating Ideas for Choosing the Ideal TV Stand for Your Bedroom

Fascinating Ideas

Bringing a TV stand to bedrooms is a huge deal, especially if you want to keep style intact, improve on functionality, add focal points, and most importantly, want it to hold your TV sets with panache. Stylish and extremely practical, the right TV stand solves several problems concerning the unappealing wiring and cables, freeing up space and making a beautiful impact of the screen less invasive in your living space. Modern TV stands fixated on minimalism and functionality features generous parts in the ensemble that add unusual angles to the bedroom interior.

In this discussion, we will give you some appreciable tips you should be mindful of before spending your cash on the entertainment centre.

1. Versatile piece of furniture with in-built electric fireplace


Nothing says cosy like a TV stand with in-built electric fireplace. Besides supporting your latest TV set in style, it also adds those necessary homely vibes and elevates the comfort factor in your bedroom. Not only it gives you a fair advantage of installing this living room luxury in your sleeping spaces, it is also wonderful for adding warmth in snowy winters.

2. Choose the one which is jam-packed with additional features

A sleek TV stand is a shortcut to bring style statement in your rooms. Now, the extra feature like huge storage capabilities is a bonus. Not all TV stands come with drawers, glass doors and shelves. While choosing a one for your bedrooms, make sure it has enough space for every device you need near TV, for example, DVD player, video game consoles and other digital boxes. Drawers and concealed doors, can provide handy storage and hide away things which are not so fancy.

3. Nothing like one-size fits all- Dig into the interior design philosophies to choose a strong enough TV stand

With various other bedroom themed accessories, making space for a TV stand shouldn’t be a compromise. If you are not very sure of the exact measurements of your TV, it is completely worthwhile to reach for the measuring tape and be sure of what space requirements you are looking for. Also, remember to measure diagonally across the screen as well, besides measuring horizontally. At its most basic, a TV stand can’t be less wide than your TV. However, if you happen to have a spacious bedroom, you can safely opt for a wider TV stand. Centring it, give you the added advantage of adding items on the sides. Also, the height is a key factor. TV stands are available in short, tall and standard-height, so choose one that is in synch with the height of your seating, for optimum comfort. An ideal TV stand is a perfect space-saving media centre that will take little space in the room and will also make for an eye-catching wall décor.

4. Futuristic aesthetics with optimum picked materials

TV stands in wooden and metal are the most popular choices as bedroom décor. While wooden TV stands have traditional aura, and provide a rustic touch to your home, metal TV stands suit better in homes with a contemporary vibe. Oak finish in woods is a way to go if you want to keep things classic while also maintaining some modernity. Metal stands mainly come in powder or chrome finish and are a seamless match for transitional and contemporary schemes.

This is the beauty of the wall entertainment centres, as you don’t have to think about a gallery wall to disguise your TV

5. Find the Right Type: A luxurious minimal entertainment unit that serves a focal point and is high on function

Popular bedroom TV stands include corner TV stands, TV hutches and full-blown entertainment centre. You can opt for TV hutches, if you don’t want your bedroom décor to get overwhelmed by the TV, as the stand has doors to hide the TV and make it a less of a focal point. Corner TV stands are a good option if you are looking one for a small bedroom. Corner TV stands have a triangular edge, which makes it to fit into any corner of the room. The entertainment centres provide you with a generous storage for your AV devices, which is nice to have in cosy spaces, like your bedroom. They also come with excellent cable management system to keep the unruly wire mess at bay.

Bedrooms are the most personal space in your home. Adding a décor item which does not disturb the existing style scheme and is also highly functional requires you to do a thorough analysis. Understand your bedroom’s vibe and style and choose the right TV stand for your interiors.

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