Steal Top Designers' Secrets: Blend TV into your Décor

You buy your new TVs with huge enthusiasm but often get disappointed to see it doesn’t exactly fit in with your room décor. A television can be a huge, even clumpy addition to a space. So, you have to make efforts and make it blend with your room fashion without upsetting the feng shui. Discover some inspiring ideas which manage to place TV in your spaces with utmost style and grace.

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Is Big Always the Better?

Think about it. Do you really need a big TV for your areas, especially if it is for secondary rooms like dining space? If you opt for a small model, it can work way easier into your schemes. A big size TV may strike as odd, especially in compact spaces and make the distress in room décor harmony more conspicuous. Choosing a small TV will be less intrusive with your existing scheme and even if it is not exactly a matching piece with your décor, it can be easily overlooked because of its size.

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Go Easy: Fit a Cupboard with Bi-fold Door

However, we understand your need for big screens TVs and there are other hacks to make it complement the décor. A big TV can mar the look, so it is best to showcase it in as much as style possible. Introducing a purpose-built cupboard in your rooms, equipped with bi-fold doors, will not only make your TV blend into the scheme and will also prevent your TV from getting piled on with dust. The sliding door feature will also not obstruct the view line of people viewing the TV from the side of the room.

Don’t Play with Fireplace: Create Other Spaces for Your TV

TV units can sometimes take attention away from your fancy home décor entities such as wall arts, glossy furniture or even your expensive fireplace. To prevent this and let the old décor in place and keep the eye catching elements in your room central, you can consider placing your TV into an alcove. Notch the style quotient further by accentuating the wall space around the alcove with artwork. Creating a border with intricate pattern in dark colours around the alcove keep things interesting.

Rely on the Safest Option –TV Stands and Cabinets

Even if fitted units don’t work well in your spaces, you can always choose a TV cabinet to create harmony in the home décor. A TV stand works well too. And keep in mind, entertainment units specially designed for supporting your TVs in style , come in a range of patterns, colours and style, to go well with your décor. Maintaining coordination in décor doesn’t get easier than this. Also, a TV stand or a cabinet does much more than that. A TV stand with good management for rear wires of TV will take care of the unruly cable mess seamlessly. In addition, you get plenty of storage space. All your DVD players, game consoles and other digital boxes can be accommodated in these TV accessories with ease. You can also use TV stand for decoration purposes. Make use of its top and ornate it with flower vases, photo frames and artistic pieces.
If your room lacks scheme, then it is a safe bet to let TV be the star of the show. Play along and get creative with how you can create visual elements out of it. You can also try a relatively dark shade baseboard for physically mounting your LCD screens on the walls.

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