Top TV Stand Types for Contemporary Living Rooms: The Ultimate Facelift for Your Home Front

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A living room is not called front room for no reason. The space serves more than just a place where you stack up your sofa. It is the room which shapes up views of outsiders about your home and more importantly you! So, let’s use this space to full of its potential and give it a modern make over to stay in sync with times! We will walk you through some of the classiest and of course, latest trends in the realm of TV stands, that just doesn’t hold up your TV with utmost style but also bathe your surroundings with modern charm, through their timeless glossy finish and high-end designer construction.

1.Choose Glass TV Stands: Transparent, Sleek and Contemporary

A glass TV stand is indeed a shortcut to bring all those grandeur modernistic vibes with minimal effort. A bold progressive appearance is naturally inherited in all glass models. These sophisticated units are perfect for those who value clean, visually exposed spaces. Generally, you will get the transparent or completely open shelves, which is a clear invitation to flaunt all your decorative and art pieces spontaneously. Glass surfaces are easy to clean as well. Glass stands are generally available in black or clear finishes with leg support typically in brushed chrome, silver or aluminium. To expect a better life from your glass stands, ensure that only toughened safety glass is used in the construction. Glass stands also come with castors, allowing for easy movement from one place to another— perfect for you if you prefer to rearrange your décor occasionally. However, if you prefer to not reveal all your electronics to your guests or if you have too much of unsightly cables and wires hanging around, you should go for a more closed and concealing TV stand.

2.Sparkle up with Incandescent Metal TV Stands: Most Modern Designs

This is an all-time favourite of interior designers and professional decorators alike. The undeniable industrial appeal with heavy duty construction makes metal TV stands a life time decoration units. A metal stand usually checks off all the following parameters – sturdy design, classy subtle sheen, lightweight, slim profile and most importantly, it doesn’t burn holes in your pockets, like the glass units do. Metal cabinets also call for easy maintenance with their durable construction. Metal TV stands are easily found in the top-notch modern novel configurations, featuring quirky patterns and cuts. Most modern units, also play with a mix combination of metal and glass in the construction, with metal forming the strong outer construction while glass laying the beautiful and delicate inner shelves.

3.Pine on Wood: Affordable, Layered Tones and Classy Finish

A wooden TV stand might have the image of something that will look good only in classic or semi modern space settings. But the style, finish and layered colours with which they are made, have given them an equal rise in popularity like glass and metal stands. No longer just an accent piece in traditional settings, a wooden stand supports and even brings contemporary settings with gorgeous luxurious models, rich surface tones and ornate details. Birch plywood, MDF are some of the most popular styles you can find your wooden TV stand in. Walnut, oak and pine are among the most popular in real wood TV stands, on account of their enduring and stylish finished effect. However, if you are low on budget, satin or glossy finish on wood veneers makes an excellent to real wood, which is a bit expensive.

4.Entertainment Centre: A Perfect Designer Solution for Modern Living Rooms

Our conversation on living rooms is incomplete without mentioning this special stand. Nothing beats an entertainment centre if we are talking about upgrading your living room décor. Sheer massive presence and detailed construction along with artfully presenting your TV and related electronics, makes this unit a must have for your front spaces. The entertainment unit looks spectacular in almost all finishes. This all in one unit can proudly showcase your painting pieces, media collection and books. The entertainment unit comes in almost all materials, whether wooden, metal or glass, perfect to go with any scheme.

Modern finishes and styles in TV stands can seamlessly uplift your living rooms in modern grace, while overshadowing dull and outdated entities in your living room and smearing out the boundaries between inharmonious décor items.

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