Easy Returns

We want you to be utmost satisfied with your purchase from www.tvcabinets.co.uk. For any reason if you want to return the product, then you may do so as early as possible from the date of receipt of the product. The TV cabinet must be undamaged and unworn, without hampering the original packaging, complete with the label intact. Kindly do not send payments with returned goods under any circumstances.


If the goods are delivered to you before your decision to cancel the order, then we advise that your return the products without delay. In case you prefer returning the goods, we advise you to contact us and you must have the payment card and delivery receipt along with a copy of the order acknowledgment email. Please contact our online store to arrange the collection of returning goods by speaking to our sales advisor on 0208 1447867. Make sure you have the delivery receipt and order number in hand. We can arrange for the collection of the goods by a sales representative.


Once you agree to return the goods back, we request you to return the packaging with the products wherever possible. Unless the goods are faulty or not as described in our terms and conditions, in this case we will refund all reasonable costs incurred in returning the item to us. No collection fee will be charged if you are returning your goods.


In case you return the products with your own courier, and we receive the goods in a damaged state, you are responsible for the cost of damaged caused, and charge will be made depending on the gravity of the damage.


If you return the product after getting assembled them, then you should disassemble them to let it get properly returned. In case disassembly is likely to cause damage to an item, leave it in the assembled state and let us know by contacting us through our sales advisor at 0208 1447867.

We will collect products to be returned only from your delivery address, and this will be governed by the following conditions:

  • You make sure that there is enough access to the chosen collection location.

  • You agree to provide as much as detail as possible to store about the relevant details of your delivery address, from where the items are to be collected.

  • You agree to redress the concerns of our representative who reaches your place to collect the products. This is to be taken care of especially if they collect the good from the room of your choice, which might cause damage to the good.

  • You agree to return all components and related accessories of the product to our representative, for which you have paid. If possible, try to not spoil the original packaging.

  • You agree to sign a document to confirm that the representative has collected the goods. The document will serve as a sign of your approval of the collection.

  • In case you are not available personally to accept the delivery of goods, and you appoint a reliable, second person to do so on your own behalf. The person must be an adult, able to supervise the collection on your behalf.


Refunding your money

We will refund the price paid for the good from our online store. The refunds will be made at the earliest as per some conditions indicated below:

  • Once we receive the goods in proper condition, refund will be made within a reasonable period

  • The terms and conditions apply to all products purchased from our store


The return policy does not in any way seize your statutory rights. For more information contact the local citizens’ advice bureau www.citizensadvice.org.uk.


This returns policy is regulated by UK Laws and Regulations. In the wake of a dispute, the Laws and Regulations of English Law shall govern all actions related to these terms.