Do you own a showroom?

We have our own showroom. For more information, you can refer our contact us page.

How can I buy products?

Fully automated online credit card processing system is the easiest method to pay for your purchases. However, if you do not prefer using credit/debit card on the Internet, we also take credit card payments via phone. You can call us at 01204 792700. Please keep product and card details handy while issuing your order over the phone.

How long will it take for my order to get delivered?

The time it takes to deliver depends on the courier service we use.

The different services we use are as follows: 

Light Items = 2 – 3 working days (Parcel Courier)  Heavy Items = 3 – 4 working days (Pallet Courier)  Large Bulky Items = 5 – 20 working days (Specialist Courier to a Room of Your Choice) 

In case of any delays in our knowledge, we will attempt to notify you as early as possible. Usually, if more than one items are ordered, they are all delivered collectively at the same time.

You will receive a confirmation email on placing an order. This email will specify an estimated date range to expect dispatch of your complete order. This is usually determined by the product on your order list with the longest lead time.

Missing Goods/Parts

Any issue of missing parts or goods can be easily resolved at tvcabinets.co.uk. You will be required to submit the correct information on missing part letter/number, as mentioned on the assembly sheet. We will then endeavour to dispatch the requested part in a way satisfactory to you.

We will attempt our best to reach out to you to reschedule delivery date and/or time in case of any unanticipated situation (including traffic accident, severe weather or huge traffic jams). We hold no responsibility of losses incurred due to delay in delivery, arising from issues out of our control.

If we found ourselves unsuccessful to abide by these Delivery Terms, we take full responsibility for damage or loss you suffer, which is a predictable outcome of our negligence and breach of the Delivery Terms. All losses and damages will be considered as foreseeable if they are direct result of our breach or if they were anticipated by you and tvcabinets.co.uk at the time we entered into this deal.

We ensure that proper care will be taken while delivering your order to your property and no damages will result by couriers during the course of their service. However, we hold no responsibility for damages and faults in your property that existed before our delivery service. We will not be responsible for repairing such pre-existing faults.

Can I return the item if they are below my satisfactory level?

Please see our Return Policy

How can I order my products?

You can place your orders by simply clicking the "Buy Now" button appearing besides the item you want to purchase (if you wish, you can remove the product from your order later). When your shopping is complete, click the "Proceed to Checkout" button which directs you to our safe and secure checkout. There you can submit your delivery and billing details and credit card information and place your order through our secure server. In case, you wish to order your products via phone, you can call our sales team member on 0208 1447867.

Do tvcabinets.co.uk prices include VAT?

All prices quoted by us include 20% VAT

I have queries about a product….

In case of any enquiry regarding a product or you need advice or suggestion, feel free to contact us by clicking here or you can contact our sales team on 0208 1447867.

E-mail problems– Unable to receive email on my Hotmail, Live or Outlook

Please visit the below mentioned link and log in with your username and password. Add tvcabinets.co.uk to your contacts for smooth email communication in future.

How can I cancel my order?

If you want to cancel your order, you are required to provide these details by clicking here:

How can I know more about TV Cabinets returns policy?

Please refer to our terms and conditions page.

How can I return an item?

Please see our terms and conditions page. 

What if I have received an incorrect item in my order? 

In the event of receiving an incorrect item in your order, please immediately contact us and we will try to resolve the issue as soon as possible and in the most satisfactory manner possible.

How can I make a complaint?

We try our best to ensure customer satisfaction with our excellent service. If you are not satisfied, we would like to hear your complaints. To make a complaint, please contact us here:

How can I get access to my invoice?

Please log into your account with your email and password. Please see the account information section. There will be a "view" next to your order. Click on it and there will an option to download your invoice at the bottom of the page.

Problems in Transaction Processing

If you face any problem while processing payment for your order online, please inform us on 01204 792 700 and we will process your payment over the phone.

What is Pro Forma Invoice?

Pro forma invoices are frequently used for customs purposes on imports. It is a preliminary bill of sale provided to you ahead of shipment or delivery of goods. Normally, it consists of descriptions of bought items, cost of products and other useful information like transport charges and shipping weight.

Discount coupon 

You can use the code the first time you purchase an item/s on our site this can only be used once HHP9857JRE2J. This will be available for a limited time only .