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At TV Cabinets, we keep all the details of buyer confidential and do not disclose any details to the third party, besides details that require order fulfilments, during order processing. The third party in such scenarios will not discuss any buyer detail to any other third party. TV Cabinets reserves the right to introduce any change in terms or conditions at any time without prior notice to anyone.

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  • Sagepay & Highly Secured Payment Processing 
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Thousands of businesses use Sagepay for outsourcing their transaction security. As a Payment Service Provider, it is our first and foremost concern to keep the transaction data secure at all times.

Transaction security

Any transaction information exchanged between the merchant sites and the Sagepay Systems is made secure by encryptions using 128-bit SSL certificates. Cardholder information is never forwarded unencrypted and all the messages sent from Sagepay to your servers are signed using MD5 hashing. This prevents tampering of any sort. You can completely trust that all the sensitive information you pass to the Sagepay is completely secured. Sagepay servers cannot be used by any third party to access your private details and use them maliciously.

Encryption and Data Storage

Once your details reach us, all the sensitive data on our systems is secured using the internationally recognised 256-bit encryption standards. It is used among all security systems, even the US government. The encryption keys are securely held on state-of-the-art, tamper proof systems, making them impossible to extract. The tamper proof systems belong to the same family as those that are used to secure VeriSign's Global Root certificate – rendering the security system completely impenetrable.

Links to Banks

Sagepay makes use of multiple private links into the banking network. These links are not connected to any publicly accessible networks and are entirely separated from the Internet. All the cardholder information exchanged with banks, whether messages sent to bank or the authorization messages coming back from there, is completely secure and is impossible to tamper with.

Employee access

All your customer card information and transaction information is secure even from the Sagepay employees. Within the Sagepay, no individual is able to decrypt any sensitive information of the buyer. Our system only let access to our senior most staff and that too only in extenuating situations, such as during police investigations of card fraud. Our systems do not display complete card numbers, not even on administration screens.


Cookies are short text files that get stored on your computer whenever you visit a web page. At TV Cabinets, we use cookies to have information of items you have in your cart and to keep track of your identity when you revisit our website. Please make sure that the cookies are enabled, before you order your purchase at TV Cabinets. For more information, see our section on Managing cookies. However, in case you don’t want to enable cookies, you will be able to browse our website and use it for viewing our furniture line and further research. Most of the web browsers have cookies enabled, but if they are not, see Managing cookies for assistance for turning them on, if you need to.

We would like to bring to your notice that cookies are not harmful to your computer. We do not store any information related to personal identity in our databases, such as credit card details. However, we do make use of the encrypted information, collected from cookies, to improve the user experience of our website. For instance, they helps us to display you relevant related products, when you are browsing. They also assist us in identifying and resolving errors.

We happen to have relationships with other trusted suppliers who we have carefully selected. These suppliers can also set up cookies during your visit to our website and use the information for remarketing purposes. In other words, they display you variety of products and services, depending on what you seem to be interested in. We are providing you this information, to comply with the recent legislation and to keep things transparent from our end. We want to be completely honest with you and want you to be clear about your privacy while surfing our website. We understand your expectations are high from us. Please note that we are also working on privacy and cookie-related improvements to better your experience.

For Internet Explorer browsers, please see these instructions: 

  • 1. Click on the Tools menubar, and select Internet Options
  • 2. Select the Security tab, and reset the security level to Medium

We have adopted these security standards for your benefit and we apologize in case any inconvenience is caused.